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  • *Sponsored* MaryJane Fashion

    *Disclaimer - I am receiving payment from MaryJane Fashion in return for this sponsored post being written by me.

    Some products I think my readers may like will be found in this post.

    The store MaryJane Fashion is located in the UK and is a really nice company, full of a lot of variety of clothing as you can see. They have all sorts of clothing available for their customers to buy, at a great price too! A one stop shop for all of your clothing needs. 

    One pair of leggings I found on their website that look awesome for Halloween is known as the skeleton bone print leggings. These come in a few sizes, so check them out. This one is a pair of leggings that have skeleton bone print all up and down the leggings. Very stylish!

    Another piece of clothing that I came across on their website was a really pretty faux fur coat found on there which is called faux fur trim cape open wrap cardigan. I love the look of this coat and would love to get it, myself. I love warm coats and this one looks comfortable! Faux fur is a warm idea for coats for sure. The color is really pretty of the cardigan too.

    The most interesting set of clothing that I found on their website is the Kardashians Celebrity Style. Below is a piece of clothing I saw that I know readers would enjoy seeing, which is called a Halterneck Midi Dress. What a cute dress for summer time, right? I love halter tops / dresses.


    1. Those are the coolest leggings I have ever seen. I am totally buying myself a pair of them :)

    2. They seem to have a nice variety of styles in their line. I always appreciate that!

    3. I really love that fur trim cardigan! Those bone leggings are mighty fun too.

    4. The leggings are so fun! I don't tend to dress up for Halloween, but these are festive.