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    Cholesterol is one of the worst problems that modern man faces. It is a product of unhealthy life, stress, inactivity and genetics. This substance belongs among fats together with triglycerides, phospholipids and some other types of fat. It is a yellow substance, similar to wax. We can get it by consuming various types of food that are rich in fat such as mild, egg yolk and all types of animal intestines. However, have in mind that not all types of cholesterol are harmful to our body. There are two main types of this substance: LDL or low density lipoprotein (otherwise known as bad cholesterol) and HLD or high density lipoprotein (known as good cholesterol).

    The main issue with cholesterol is the fact that this substance starts appearing within the arteries and as it piles up, it can lead to clogging. When patient has clogged arteries, blood cannot flow properly. Arteries, which are connected to the heart, are transferring blood to this organ. Blood is filled with oxygen that is allowing heart to function properly. Without blood, heart slowly starts weakening, leading to discomfort, chest pain and ultimately heart attack.

    Person who has problem with cholesterol needs to immediately change his living habits. First thing that you need to do on your road to recovery is to include physical exercises in your daily routine. Recommended exercises are those that are lasting for longer periods of time (at least 40 minutes) such as swimming, running or riding a bicycle. They are the best way to return your body to its previous state.
    Besides exercises, individual needs to change his eating habits. In order to restore previous level of cholesterol and improve health, patient can use natural food supplements. They can easily replace medicines which are used for this condition. In most of the cases, combination of diet and exercise will be enough to regulate this problem. Have in mind that smoking is also common cause for increased cholesterol in body. This habit can lead to disastrous problems and as such, it is important to address it as soon as possible.
    Sometimes, change of life style is not enough. Individual also needs to incorporate medication in his daily life.  One of the best drugs for high cholesterol is Ezetrol. This medicine belongs to a group of cholesterol absorption inhibitors. This means that it inhibits body from absorbing excessive amount of cholesterol from digestive tract. By doing so, we are able to maintain balance. Ezetrol comes in a form of a tablet and recommended daily dose is 10 mg. Patient should take one tablet per day. However, it is important to always take it at the same time.

    Individuals who are allergic to Ezetrol or any of its components shouldn’t use it. You! Drugstore warns people who have damaged liver not to take this drug. Common side effects are diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue and excessive gasses. Unusual side effects are cough, nausea, and pain in the joints, chest pain, hot flushes, raised blood pressure, decreased appetite, muscle spasms and heartburn.

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