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  • Back to School Event 2015 - Looking for Sponsors!!

    With school approaching in the next month in a half, I am hoping to put together a Back to School Event 2015. My kids are going into 1st and 2nd grade. 

    Please email me at mama4life07@gmail.com , BY August 5 and have the product or products in the mail to me by August 10, if you want to be part of my event.

    Are you interested in sponsoring a review item or multiple items? Then, keep reading so you know what I'm looking for. 

    Products I'm looking for to review and colors / sizes I need:

    Towels, washcloths, and hand towels - pink, polka dot, blue, and green
    Bookbags - Pink and blue
    Pens - Black and blue
    Pencils - Number 2 pencils please
    Shoes - (age 7) youth boys - size 2, (age 6) youth girls - size 1
    Clothing - Boys size 7 pants and jeans, boys size 8 shirts. Girls size 7 shirts, girls size 6 jeans/pants
    Water bottles - Contigo - pink, clear, and blue. Disney characters - any
    Lunchboxes - Anything for boy and girl that isn't metal or stainless steel

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