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  • *Sponsored* The Real Tooth Fairies

    *Disclaimer - I received payment from The Real Tooth Fairies in return for writing this post for them.

    Do you have a child who's at the age where they're about to or have lost a tooth? Then keep reading to learn more about The Real Tooth Fairies!

    Review: The Real Tooth Fairies
    Losing a tooth is a huge event in my house. From the first time it starts wiggling, my kids are consumed with the idea of what will happen once it finally falls out. Understandably then, the Tooth Fairy is an important part of the process and my kids love the story. When I heard that the Tooth Fairy had come to life online via The Real Tooth Fairies, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. 

    The Real Tooth Fairies Website
    You can visit The Real Tooth Fairies at www.therealtoothfairies.com. The site is free to join and gives you access to 40 different games and attractions. Right from the start, you are welcomed into Real Fairyland by six fun and colorfully dressed Real Tooth Fairies! 

    Safety First
    Before I let my little one roam free through the site, I wanted to check it out to make sure what she’d be seeing and playing was age appropriate. Thankfully, The Real Tooth Fairies’ password protected “Parents Only Zone” had answers to all of my questions. 

    This website is brilliant as it manages to keep the magic alive for my daughter, while giving me peace of mind that she’ll have fun playing a game that focuses on being kind and respecting others.

    Plus, it’s always nice to see sites that are kidSAFE certified. Knowing The Real Tooth Fairies had this certification, along with a number of other awards, convinced me to let my daughter loose on the site.

    Fun & Free 
    Once we registered on the site (it’s free!), my daughter made her “ME Doll” and then took a quick test to figure out which of the six real tooth fairies she would be matched with. She got “Brigitte,” the music producer tooth fairy who “lays down beats in the Magic Music Studio, plans super parties and loves jokes.” Since then, all I’ve heard from my daughter is excitement over the games Brigitte is showing her, and exploring Real Fairyland. 

    I’m impressed with the game and online community The Real Tooth Fairies have created and love that my daughter is having so much fun exploring this Tooth Fairy world. We’ve talked about respecting others and doing “kindness” for her friends and for strangers, so this mom is more than pleased with the positive values and behaviors that The Real Tooth Fairies promote. 

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