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  • #BacktoSchool - I NEED SPONSORS!!! #Reviews #SponsoredPosts

    YES, I said it - Back to School. I am looking for all kinds of sponsors for my Back to School Event which will begin August 1 and go through September 1. 

    Guidelines for product reviews:
    Please remember that my minimum product review value is $50, so all products need to equal that value or more, and of course NO samples will be reviewed. No products will be returned for any reason. I will include up to 3 no follow links to your site, as well as personal photos of the products sent for review. ALL reviews will be promoted via social media outlets - Facebook and Twitter.

    Guidelines for sponsored posts:
    My minimum for sponsored posts is $75 for a general post whether it's pre-written or I write it, and can be paid via Paypal. I will include up to 3 no follow links to your site, as well as photos of your products.

    If you're interested PLEASE email me ASAP at mama4life07@gmail.com and let me know you want to be added to the sponsor list. I am looking for products to reviews, as well as sponsored posts for school products and such.

    Products I would like to review for companies:
    - Pens, pencils, crayons
    - Bookbag for a 1st grade girl and 2nd grade boy
    - Lunchbox for a boy and girl
    - Socks, shoes, clothes for size 6 - 7 girls and 7 - 8 boys
    - Thermos for  boy and girl
    - Snacks for lunches
    - Juices for lunches
    - Gift cards for stores and Walmart / Amazon

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