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  • #SummerEvent2015 - Sponsors Needed for Summer Event 2015!!! Email me if interested!

    Summer is fast approaching us and I want to do a Summer Event 2015 that will hopefully be FULL of product reviews of summer items for the whole family to enjoy, and I need SPONSORS to donate these items that will be reviewed HERE on Fun Reviews and Giveaways blog. For more information, keep reading this post.

    Do I accept advertising? Yes I will accept payments for companies who would prefer a sponsored post or ad space on my sidebar, instead of sponsoring a product for review. 

    What is the cost for sponsors? FREE, just sponsor the products to review

    Event dates: May 1 - July 1
    Where: Fun Reviews and Giveaways 

    Requirements: Product(s) value must equal or be more than $50 for me to review them, unless I specify otherwise when you email me. I am lenient so feel free to let me know if you have something I can review less value, I'm sure it'd be fine.

    Please email me BEFORE June 24 at mama4life07@gmail.com if you're interesting in sponsoring products for this event! 
    I am looking for sponsors to help out with my Summer Event 2015, by sending products to review on this blog, and in return as with all my product reviews, it'll give the sponsor up to 3 links to their website, pricing information, personal photos, and a link to your social media sites - Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. This will definitely be a great opportunity for you to gain a lot of sales!

    What products am I looking for to review for my Summer Event 2015?
    - Towels for kids, baby, and adults
    - Swimsuit for girl and boy
    - Pool accessories - diving sticks, floats to play with
    - Playhouse for outdoor use
    - Water / sand table
    - Gift cards to restraunts, stores, and online shops
    - Kids, action, and comedy DVDs
    - Flip flops for kids and women
    - T-shirts for men, women, and kids
    - Nail polishes that are bright and/or change color
    - Goggles for swimming
    - Candles that are fruity scents, tropical scents, jewelry candles
    - Beach bags for kids
    - Sunglasses for boy and girl
    - Hats for kids
    - Shorts for women and kids
    - BBQ Grill items - utensils, sauces
    - Bug spray that is baby / kid friendly
    - Seeds to plant flowers
    - Toys such as trampoline, baby pool, kids size pool, slip n slide

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