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  • Post Joint: Safest Theme Parks in the United States

    February is here, and although many of us are still trying to dig out from several feet of snow, the fact is this: winter is nearly over. As the seasons turn and the weather steadily becomes more agreeable, it is inevitable that the next year for theme parks will also start up again. Although certainly much fun, the question has been asked: are theme parks necessarily the safest way to enjoy the summer? Especially given the recent outbreak of measles that has very recently swept Disneyland, along with the usual horror stories of injuries, deaths, and accidents while enjoying a day at the theme park.

    Certainly the amusement park industry draws a large enough crowd that accidents are bound to happen. Over three hundred million people at no less than 420 fixed theme parks alone makes it a case of when, not if. However despite all that, statistically speaking you are about as likely to be killed by a dog, bee sting, or a falling tree as you are in a theme park. Injuries are also surprisingly rare, and often have more to do with the victim not being mindful of their safety than any fault of the park’s own. They tell you to keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times for a reason.

    However, what are the safest theme parks you can visit? Here’s some of them, listed in no particular order.

    #1 Disneyworld, FL (And Other Parks)

    Disneyworld and its sister parks are very safe theme parks to visit, and the statistics back it up. Despite receiving several million guests from all corners of the globe, the theme parks boast a very respectable safety record, with usually only a handful of serious injuries each year. As one of the Disney Corporation’s main money earners outside their animated films, and one of the main drives of Orlando’s economy, Disneyworld’s management and state officials enforce very rigorous health and safety standards. You can be assured that your stay at the park will be a safe one.

    While there has been an outbreak of measles at Disneyland recently, this is less to do with the safety of the park itself as it is to do with the vaccination debate. The incident is almost certainly isolated. Unfortunately, as a place where tens of thousands of children come into close proximity of each other, it is inevitable that germs will spread. Protect your children with regular vaccinations before, and you should have a measure of protection.

    #2 Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, FL

    Much like Disneyworld, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are one of the main breadwinners for Orlando’s local economy. Drawing in nearly as many people each year as the Disney parks, it also has a similar track record with regards to accidents and injuries. It runs a tight ship, and slip-ups are very rare.

    #3 Cedar Point, OH

    There have been a number of incidents at Cedar Point, but, in general, the theme park’s record stands out. People have ridden their rides millions of times, practically, nearly always come away from them walking. While not as big as Disneyworld and Ohio’s economy not as driven by tourism as Florida’s, it still maintains rigorous standards.

    #4 Six Flags Parks, Various States.

    Six Flags has perhaps suffered some of the goriest stories of theme park accidents and deaths you can think of, from teenagers being decapitated by roller coasters, to a girl having her feet severed. However despite the media hype, Six Flags does have a fairly good safety record behind it, and its approach to safety has gotten ever stricter following these highly-publicised incidents as well. While probably not the safest theme parks, you are about as likely to suffer injury there as you are shopping for groceries.

    The writer, Christian Mills, is a student of personal injury law and sometimes writes about legal and general interest topics. Recognizing that sometimes those fun days turn bad, he realizes that you may need legal help, and if you need legal help for an injury suffered and Disneyworld, Universal, or any other Orlando theme park he highly recommends turning to the Law Office of David Heil. You can learn more about Christian on Google+.

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