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  • How to Start a Blog with a Niche!

    Yes, I am finally going to do a blog post that so many people have been asking me to write about. I hope that it fully makes sense to you, so that coming from a brand new blogger to be you will know just exactly what to do, when, and how!

    Well, there are a various amount of reasons to start a blog and there are some more obvious reasons on why you'd want to blog and do product reviews for your family on that blog. 

    Making a blog of your own:
    To simply create a blog, go to Blogger and create a blog name and URL that fits you. If you want to start doing product reviews then you will need to make a Facebook like page for your blog, as well as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to be able to promote all of your posts and reviews as well. 

    Down to the basics. Why should you make a blog & what's in it for you?

    1. It will save your family money on having to buy things when you can review them
    2. It will develop some great relationships with shop and business / company owners
    3. You will get some new products and keep them of course
    4. It's free but of course does take a good amount of time to start out
    5. Meet other bloggers through Facebook groups and Pinterest boards
    6. Learn how to become a better writer as time goes on and grow your website
    7. Keep in touch with companies and PR firms you work with on reviews and campaigns
    8. The longer of a post you write, the better it is for you to show off your writing
    9. Companies will be able to help you promote their review on their social media
    10. Possibilities of making money after you are blogging for awhile

    Being a blogger is not all fun and games. It's free yes unless of course you buy your own domain through a self hosted website like I have, but it does take time to learn how to blog correctly, make posts worth reading, make your blog family friendly, and so much more. 

    I would put my niche as a lifestyle / parenting blogger, while also offering product reviews and advertising services for companies. I use to just label myself as a product reviewer, but found that more and more companies prefer blogs to not just be solely reviews so I changed it up a bit, and decided to write more lifestyle and parenting topic posts as I am able to. 

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