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  • Evenflo Feeding: New Product Line for Feeding!

    *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Evenflo in order to facilitate this review for my readers. This post is to promote their new product line for feeding little ones!

    Well, Evenflo now has a new product line in their feeding section that may spark interest in breastfeeding moms and babies!

    I am excited to tell you about the new product line that Evenflo now has out, for nursing moms and their babies. What are those products you maybe asking yourselves? 

    First off, they have milk cookies which will help you to produce breastmilk while pumping or nursing. These are different flavored cookies. Of course, being as I'm only 24 weeks pregnant I cannot use these yet but will be once baby is born, because I fully plan to nurse during the day and pump bottles at night. I have always been curious on how milk cookies work.

    The next product that I received in the gift basket of goodies is milk bag storage, which will definitely come in handy a lot as I will be pumping milk to store it in one of our freezers to have for night feedings, just to make it easier on me / us to feed baby at night. I have no idea on what milk storage bag brand is better than another, so I will be trying out a good few of them to see which I like best, since I will likely be receiving a Medela pump from Medicaid to have for free, which I am really looking forward to. The Evenflo storage bags I received have 20 count in the box, that are 5 oz per bag which is perfect for feedings until you need bigger storage bags for your milk later on as the baby gets older and begins to eat more.

    The next product I received from Evenflo is the Evenflo Classic + Vented Tinted Glass Bottles. I have never used glass bottles with any baby I have ever fed, so this will be a new experience to see how well we like them. I worked in the infant room of a daycare facility and not one baby I cared for there ever had a glass bottle. These are the taller bottles of the two that I received in this nice package from Evenflo to review for their new line for feeding. 

    The final product that I was sent to review is the Evenflo Tilty TripleFlo Cup, and will be given to one of my sister's friends whenever we go to visit as she is having a baby girl and I'm not. It looks like a great starter to helping little ones with learning to use a sippy cup for the first time. This tilty cup is made for children 6 months of age and up, so try this cup for your child to prep him or her for using a bigger cup later on. Never know if it'll work unless you try!

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