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  • The Ultimate Freebies And Money Saving Guide For Parents

    As parents, we always want to give our children the absolute best. We work hard to ensure that they have the good things in life, and we make sacrifices so that they can thrive. It is part of being a mom or dad and a seemingly inbuilt instinct when we have kids. However, there are times when our funds don’t allow for everything we’d hoped. Work may have dried up, or it might just be a tough month for bills. Either way, there are times when you’ll need to start getting savvy about the potential resources and freebies that surround you. 

    The key to successful money saving and freebies hunting is using your common sense and keeping track of where to find the best deals at short notice. You may not always need to rely on these, but it is always handy to have good resources, should you ever need them. The way money saving works these days is very different to how it used to be. We no longer have to spend hours feeling uncomfortable or like we are worth any less than anyone else, just because we use coupons or freebies. Instead, being money savvy is widely regarded as a sensible and respected lifestyle choice. Even the really rich, wouldn’t turn their nose up at a free or discounted product!

    Check out the selection of hints and tips below, which are numbered for easy reference. This will serve as your one stop check-list for those times when you need to start saving money or getting hold of good giveaways

    Be aware of the best online resources - to make the most of money saving tips and tricks, you need to stay alert. Create a new email account to use only for your money saving adventure. Sign up for newsletters from companies. These will sometimes offer readers the chance to bag exclusive offers and deals that are not available to the general public. Join every group that you can. There are so many amazing websites that give you insider info. The owners spend hours researching so that you don’t have to. Places like samplestuff.com or the money saving expert site are a good place to start. Check your email a few times each day to see if the news is coming in when you’ve signed up for newsletters or registered as a member somewhere.

    Finding the best giveaways - finding the best giveaways isn’t as hard as you would think. There are websites dedicated to giveaways and freebies. You can also join a local facebook page. Use websites such as Twitter to follow brands and search the relevant hashtags such as #win #competition #giveaway #freebie, etc. Keeping up to date on social media is a great way to find giveaways in general as all brands want their contests to be seen on there. Make a note of all your child’s favorite toy brands. Follow these companies to ensure that the giveaways you enter will give you some great prizes to use as Christmas or birthday gifts.

    Couponing - couponing is a great way to save money. You can do this whether you are single, in a relationship or have a family. The idea of couponing is that you find store coupons, brand coupons and money off. Hand these over at the checkout, or scan them in yourself, and you’ll get specific products at a lower price. Couponing is a massive craze in some areas. There are so many expert websites offering advice and help. Something called extreme couponing is also gaining more popularity. This involves being savvy about how and when you shop. You should ensure that you are combining coupons with store offers in order to make the maximum savings. Those who know how to do this well, often end up with stores paying them to shop there after coupon use! Items such as baby care products, lotions, bubble baths and diaper rash creams will often only be on offer at set times. Stock up on these as they are less likely to expire before you use them all. 

    Cashback - use cashback apps and online resources to claim money back after you’ve shopped. This is a great way to gain money back on something that you needed to buy anyway. A simple google search of “cashback apps” will lead you to a wide selection of choices to get you started. Just be wary that you are only buying what you need. Couponing, freebies and cash back only works if you don’t buy unnecessary products. Make note of deals on baby food, kid friendly meals and children’s toys. You can refer to these when you need them or when you are running low on something.

    Affiliate links - affiliate links are a good way of earning money online. Simply register to an affiliate company. They will provide you with the unique reference links that you can share with friends, family or on your website or blog. When someone clicks through and makes a purchase, you will get money from their order. There’s no cost to you, and all you need to do, is invest a little time in searching out offers and deals that your readers might be interested in. Why not start a parenting blog about your family life and place the affiliate links within the posts?

    Swap skills - swapping skills with a friend, neighbour or co-worker could save you money. If you know someone who is good with DIY and you aren’t, see if they need help with something in return. This can save money on paying people to do a job for you and you get the bonus of getting to spend time with your friends or getting to know a neighbour. 

    Start a club - if you and lots of your friends all want to save money together then why not hire out your local call and start a club.  If you club is smaller, then you could even hold it at your house, or take it in turns to host. This is a wonderful way to be social and save money at the same time. Bring the kids along and let them play whilst you chat money saving tips!

    Financial changes - making small financial changes can help you to save money easily. Decide on a budget for each week to spend on meals and groceries. Come up with healthy but cheap meals that you can cook quickly. This is a great way to start saving, especially if you are new to couponing. 

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