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  • Updated Review of the Hammacher Double Ride on Digger

    Today, our son turned 7, so since the package was way too big to really hide we decided to give it to him today. My husband has been putting it together for the past 2 hours or so. In my opinion, it is definitely made for a young child NOT a 5 - 7 year old. 

    When I did my initial review, we had not put it together as it was a surprise for our son. Well, the seat on this thing is small for a 2 - 4 year old, maybe 5 year old. The pedals on it are small and semi-hard for him to pedal but it works well enough to get around in the living room. He is pretty tall for his age, so that could be partly why but I don't know. He likes it fine, he just won't be able to play with it for very long if he continues to get very tall. I have no idea how it'd work for him to use it outside. It LOOKED as if it was made of a metal or hard plastic. It's plastic, but I am sure it wouldn't take a lot of effort for a child to break it. It's a cute toy, but I am not sure I'd spend the $200 on it that it costs on their website.

    Just thought I'd do a follow up "review" since we officially put it together today.

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