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  • NEWS in Virginia - Forensic evidence links Hannah Graham suspect to murdered Morgan Harrington

    I don't watch the news because we don't have cable, but I have been following the Morgan Harrington case off and on since she was murdered 5 years ago. 

    I have met her mother 2 - 3 times at a local sexual assault awareness event where she spoke, when I lived in Virginia. Well, there was no real break in her murder case and the person was never found. Well, not long ago a young college girl from UVA named Hannah Graham went missing and the suspect who is being looked at and talked to for possibly abducting her, is now in custody after he fled to Texas. 

    I really and truly hope that the Harrington's get their answers and have a peace in some ways, and can help other families like they already do. For more information on this story, read HERE.

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