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  • Bear on the Chair

    *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Bear on the Chair in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

    Does your child have a hard time with terrible twos or even the "no" stage? If you answered yes, then this bear could help you create a positive enviroment.

    My kids are way past the terrible 2 stage obviously as they're 5 and 6, but the disciplining aspect of the bear didn't do much for my kids, but it might for a younger child so try it out for yourself. My kids just enjoy playing with the bear and placing him on the chair that comes with him, to play with him. Some say that it works better for older age group, but my kids don't do things for time out with a teddy bear and believe that a bear goes to time out. It's a cute story and the stickers for the smile and frown aspect of it is a good learning tool for a young child.

    They say that this bear could be a motivator to helping your child stay motivated to help clean his or her room, eat vegetables, and even stay on task to brush their teeth. The adorable and soft cuddly bear can also communicate in a special way to a non verbal child such as one with a special need known ASD, with the smile and frown faces that come with the bear.

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