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  • Snappy Nappies: Cloth Diapers

    *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Snappy Nappies in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

    Do you use cloth diapers or know friends that do? Check out this review of several cloth diapers from a company located in Canada. These diapers offer high quality leakage protection that other diapers may not prevent from occurring. 

    Here's the Newborn Pocket Diaper I received:

    Features of the newborn pocket diaper:
    - It's waterproof
    - Breathable PUL outer layer and stay dry suede cloth inner layer
    - This diaper comes standard with a 2+2 bamboo/Microfiber insert
    - Has a fully adjustable rise and waist snaps which will fit most babies between 4 - 14 lbs
    - This diaper comes in several bright colors
    - It's narrower to fit tiny bodies without bunching

    The price of this newborn diaper is $8 and is well worth every penny. Look at how cute this diaper is for a new little one to wear! 

    Here's the Baby Wizard Covec Bamboo Pocket Diaper:

    Features of the Baby Wizard Covec Bamboo Pocket Diaper:
    - Inner layer of bamboo which is naturally antibacterial 
    - This diaper is available in snap or hook and loop closure
    - It has a fully adjustable rise and waist, fitting most babies between 10 - 35 lbs
    - The diaper comes with a 4 layer  bamboo insert which is 80% bamboo and 20% polyester
    - It's the trimmest fitting diaper in the Snappy Nappies store

     The price of this pocket diaper is $15. I absolutely love the pretty color that I received.

    Here's the Coolababy Nano Silver Pocket Diaper with snap closure:

    Features of the Coolababy Nano silver pocket diaper:
    - Double gussets which is the leg elastics, on the insides for extra leakage protection
    - Inner layer of nano silver: Wicks away moisture and naturally antibacterial
    - Outer layer of breathable, waterproof PUL 
    - This diaper is available in snap or hook and look closure
    - It's fully adjustable rise and waist fitting most babies from 9 - 35 + lbs
    - This diaper comes with a 2 + 2 nano silver / microfiber insert

    The price of this diaper is $12.50. There are different designs to choose from, but this one I thought was too cute to pass up the opportunity on to review. I love little alligators, don't you?

    Here's the Charcoal Bamboo Fleece Pocket Diaper:

    Features of the Charcoal bamboo fleece pocket diaper:
    - Double gussets (leg elastics) inside for extra leakage protection
     - Waterproof, breathable PUL outer layer and stay dry charcoal bamboo fleece inner layer
    - Fully adjustable rise and waist snaps, fitting most kids between 10 - 35 lbs
    - A standard diaper includes a 2 + 2 charcoal bamboo / microfiber insert
    - You can make this an overnight diaper for only $8 extra right now

    This one is very stylish too and is available for the price of $13.

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