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  • The Beatrix Girls: Ainsley Doll and CD

    *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from The Beatrix Girls in order to facilitate this review. All opinions of the products are 100% that of my own.

    The Beatrix Girls Doll Ainsley:
    The doll Ainsley is an adorable little blonde headed doll made perfectly for little girls wanting a new friend. Her head is bigger than her body porportion wise, but my daughter who is 5 absolutely loves her Ainsley doll. She takes her to the park to play with her or watch when we go, it's fun to have a Beatrix Girl doll with us in our home. I would love to be able to eventually review all of the girls in the set of dolls.

    The Beatrix Girls CD:
    The CD has a few songs on it. One of the songs is questionable on if it'd be OK for a 5 year old to listen to because it bleeps a word, so it doesn't sing it. 

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