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  • I need some input from my followers on topic ideas for my blog!

    Please feel free to comment on this blog post with your ideas of what you would like to see me posting on my blog topic wise. 

    Ideas I'd love input specifically on with what genre you'd like to see and specific ideas:
    - Parenting topics: what specifically do you want to read about with parenting? Kids?
    - Recipes: What recipes would you like to see?
    - Working mom life

    1 comment:

    1. I try to just incorporate my life in with my blog posts. Maybe blog about topics that come up with your own kids. When things happen & you think, "Hey! I bet my readers would find this helpful/interesting/funny," then make note about it. We all love recipes. Of all kinds. And working mom life is definitely something that I know nothing about but it'd be nice to learn certain tips, etc.