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  • Nativity Story App

    About The Nativity Story:
    Where will baby Jesus be born? At the market? At a restaurant? At the inn? Readers of this book app can follow Joseph and Mary on their search for a place to stay in Bethlehem. Along the way they encounter a variety of colourful local people and animals. This is a fun and engaging way to share the original story of Christmas with the young generation and remind them what Christmas is all about.

    Great for kids 2-10

    Watch a video on The Nativity Story App

    The Nativity Story App: http://puddletap.com/apps/miracles/nativity/
    Watch a demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfRmfArYpD0
    Download The Nativity Story fact sheet:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/7p2cmw6uh1yyq9o/nativity_story_app_info_english.pdf

    Why Kids Love This App:
    - It's like a vintage pop-up book, with classic woodcut-style illustrations
    - By tapping and swiping, kids can help Joseph and Mary find a place to stay.
    - Knock on doors... Pull on the rope... Ring the bell... Open windows... Make people talk...
    - Create music! Help a band of angels play their instruments.
    - Lots of characters to get to know: Innkeeper, Merchant, Shepherds, Chef, A Band of Actors, Neighbourhood Children, Mary's Donkey, Farm Animals and of course... Angels!
    Funny sound effects!

    Why Parents & Grandparents Love This App:
    - Nostalgia. It feels like a classic pop-up book, bringing back memories for parents and grandparents.
    - Optional Narration: Listen to the old-timey narrator tell the story, or read the story yourself.
    - EXTRA Feature: After the story, explore the original Bible text that tells the Nativity Story.
    - Amazing Visual Quality: Support for retina display

    How is This Christmas App Different?
    - Production Values - It is a work of art: a rich visual and sound experience.
    - Interactive - We use the touch technology and animation to engage the reader in the story in an enchanting and educational way.
    - Age approach - The classic Bible story is retold here with an original and creative approach that appeals to young kids as well as adults.
    - Original - The app is designed like a vintage popup book and includes unique features such as interacting with a band of angels and playing instruments like trumpet and harp.

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