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  • Happy Charmz - Sleepover bag & Lipgloss set

    *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from 3c4g in order to facilitate my review.

    Review of the Sleepover bag:
    My daughter got the Sleepover BLING Duffle Bag and loves it! She is 5 and she likes to take it to her dad's when it's his weekend to have her and her brother. It's a decent size, so it can hold about 4 - 5 folded outfits of hers, including socks and such, and the side zipper can hold 2 - 3 pairs of socks or some lip glosses and a toothbrush. It's the perfect size for a child her age. 

    Information about the duffle bag:
    - The price of this cute duffle bag is $29.99. 
    - The bag is made of 100% polyester, soft plush fabric, decorated with sparkling studs, and has a side zipper pocket, and is fully lined.
    - The measurements of the bag are: 18" x 11 1/2"

    Review of the Lipgloss set:
    My daughter got the Style Studio Swirly Lip Gloss Set and I share some of them too! I love the blueberry flavor the best, so she kept the other ones. She's 5, so she's all girl when it comes to lip glosses! The price of this set is $8.99 on their website, which is 100% well worth every penny! I am a huge lip gloss collector, so I'd buy this set any day. It comes with 4 tubes of .32 oz lip glosses. 

    Flavors of the lip glosses in this set:
    - Blueberry
    - Fruit punch
    - Orange
    - Lime

    Photos of the duffle bag and the lip gloss set:

    1 comment:

    1. That bag looks really cute! Would be perfect for my daughter's horse shows to help her carry some of her clothing/accessories.