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  • St Patrick's Day - Zoey's Personalized Gifts shirts!

    Here's my kids in their amazing long sleeved t shirts made by Zoey's Personalized Gifts and they fit my children perfectly, and they even have extra room for growing in! It says that the product is a onsie, but I asked and she was able to make me 2 shirts for my kids, rather than a onsie. I absolutely love these shirts. They are very soft shirts and are made of a very nice material for shirts. These are such cute shirts as you can see in the picture. My children are ages 4 (my daughter) and 5 (my son). My son's shirt is a youth 8 and my daughter's shirt is a youth 6. 

    What do their shirts say?
    Mommy's Little Shamrock David
    Mommy's Little Shamrock Alayna

    Where can I order this product?
    Order here for only $18.00

    Do you celebrate St Patrick's Day?
    Order some cute clothing items from their website for you and/or your kids! 

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    I absolutely recommend this company for your personalized gift needs for you and/or your baby and child's clothing. They have a wide variety of cute clothes to personalize on their Zoey's Personalized Gifts . Do you have a baby shower to get a gift for? If so, they have maternity and baby clothing to personalize! 

    Would you like to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a $35 gift certificate? If so, enter on the link above. You have until March 12 to enter! I will be emailing the winner the gift certificate code, as the company sent it to me already for the winner.

    *Disclaimer - I received the above shirts from Zoey's Personalized Gifts in order to faciliate this review. They are also sponsoring my giveaway for a $35 gift certificate for 1 winner. You have until March 12 to enter. 


    1. Fun to have matching shirts for the kids! Really cute!

    2. We love St Patricks day here, I will check these out for my son.

    3. I think those are adorable! White on my kids however is never a good idea! LOL

    4. My mom used to dress me and my sister in matching clothes all the time, I think these shirts are so cute!!!

    5. Very cute. I love personalized stuff for my kids!

    6. So cute, I need to do something like this! Thanks for the idea!

    7. How cute are those shirts, and your kids are very cute! I love dressing my 2 girls alike, and as long as my older Nicole who is 8 doesn't complain I will keep doing it!

    8. matching shirts are so cute (especially on my twins hehe) thank you!

    9. Those are super cute! For only $18 that's a great deal too!