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  • 1 Year Blogaversary 2013 - Knot Genie

    Knot Genie is an excellent soft brush company for kids or adults alike. It is GREAT for kids hair that has knots and tangles in it. It's helped my daughter's hair a lot. I got the turtle shell like colored one to review. It's greenish camoflauge.

    As you can see in the picture above, this brush made by Knot Genie has soft bristles on it which make it a lot easier to brush  your child's hair in a timely manner, not having to take forever to get done. I love working with this company, because they are very professional and respond to emails within a very short time frame, and ship product quickly! They are excellent with customer service and are nice. 

    They have a variety of products to choose from on their website , so if you need some kid friendly hair products, order through them. My daughter is 4 who is using the small brush that was provided for reviewing purposes. She loves it and her hair doesn't hurt much to brush with it. Here's their online shop that you can buy one directly from.

    The pricing of their Knot Genie:
    $14.99 for some and $19.99 for some

    *Disclaimer - I received 1 Knot Genie brush for review and they are sponsoring 1 Knot Genie brush for my giveaway . They are one of my sponsors for my 1 Year Blogaversary 2013 Gift Guide.

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    1. I hear amazing things about Knot Genie. I need to see if they are sold anywhere locally.