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  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Syncro Hearts board game

    This board game is a lot of fun and is designed specifically for couples, to enhance their love life on a fun level for games. If you enjoy love board games, add this one to your set of must buy games. You can find this fun and romantic board game on the Syncro Hearts website. It's only $39.95, on their website. They're based in British Columbia. 

    In this game, you'll experience some or all of the following:
    - Happiness in your relationship, with a lot of love and laughter
    - Better communication
    - Intimacy, romance, and sex too
    - Massages, tender kisses, and plenty of hugs
    - More time of fun together while playing this game

    How long does this game take to play?
    It should take less than an hour, but it can have some long lasting effects depending on how the mood sets off after playing. It will be the perfect game for a long date night with your spouse or significant other. What are you waiting for? Get it, so it gets to you in time for Valentines Day! 

    Who would this board game be good for?
    - spouse
    - friend
    - gag gift
    - wedding gift
    - anytime occassion

    *Disclaimer - I received 1 Syncro Hearts board game for review, and they are also sponsoring my Holiday Gift Guide 2013  for a giveaway, so go enter from now until February  7. 

    1 comment:

    1. This is a great idea for this time of year and the game seems like it would be fun to include on Valentines day or even just on a fun intimate evening.