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  • 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge - post 1

    I received my 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge 30 day diet pills in the mail today! This is going to be one heck of a 90 days, because I am totally not use to not being able to drink caffeine, and because this has it in it, it would make me sick to drink any soda. I'm going to be losing 20 lbs (119 to 103) between now and May 25! The healthy way - salads, fruits, veggies, water, flavored water, and meat. I will stop drinking any sodas after today.

    They are horrible for you, and can automatically help you lose weight with NO soda or candy, etc. I will start drinking water, and adding Walmart flavored water drop ins to it to add flavor. 

    During this 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge I am doing, along with many other bloggers I will be recording results in pictures and sizing. I will be doing my Insanity Workout while taking this challenge, to help with losing my weight. I want to tone out


    1. Good luck! I'll be rooting for you! I'm doing the Daniel Fast which is a partial fast, vegan, no sodas either for me...lol. Only way I cope is with the Godly aspect, otherwise, I would be sucking down a soda.

      So let's do this!

    2. Good luck with your lifestyle change! I'm working on one myself, it can be rough. A tip on drinking more water: instead of doing the flavored waters, which usually have sugar substitutes, try adding a bit of fresh or frozen fruit to plain cold water! I love adding a frozen strawberry and squeezing a wedge of lemon to my water for some great flavor. :)

    3. Thanks! I havent been able to start yet. I need to find a way to be able to gulp it down. they are massive capsules

    4. What do you think about the Insanity Workouts? I have seen the commercials a lot and they look really tough? I actually want to try them if they are good.

    5. Cyndi - I absolutely LOVE Insanity workout! They are very hardcore in the sense of fast, repetitive somewhat and works you out, but it works awesome. I am on day 2 because of my foot. I have to only do ab workouts til I can use foot 100%. They are 100% worth the $ to buy. I suggest amazon. My dad got mine thru a friend.