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  • Nerds scented nail polish

    This cute Nerds scented nail polish set was only $5 at Walmart the week of Christmas! It's cute for little girls, but the polish does wipe off really easily without remover. I like the grape scented one the best. It's $2.50 right now on their clearance until it's gone!

    If you're like me and grew up loving nerds candy and the nerds rope, you know the scents all too well. I love the watermelon, grape, and the lemonade ones the best so far in regards to this nail polish set. My daughter absolutely loves being able to use them as well. This is a very cute idea for any little girl or even moms to have some much needed girl time, to relax.

    *Disclaimer - This nail polish set was bought as a gift, not received free for reviewing purposes.

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