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  • Smiley 360 Kmart Mission

    Smiley360 sponsored this mission for me to do through their website. It's called the Decorate It Forward Holiday Season with Kmart! They provided me with a $15 Kmart gift card to get some decor or anything holiday related to do a review on their website, as well as mine.

    I took my kids out this morning (October 30) and went to Kmart and couldn't find anything for Thanksgiving decoration wise, so I got some Christmas oven mits and some crafts for my kids to use over the holidays, and some Halloween socks for me. The total came to $13.45 I think or so. We enjoyed this mission and I am excited to do a review for them on my blog for this Mission, as well as their website.

    Here is what I got with my gift card for this mission:

    Halloween socks
    2 Christmas oven mits
    Glitter and Glue
    *Disclaimer - I received a $15 gift card for this mission from Smiley 360 for Kmart. I enjoyed doing this mission for them & my opinions are my own.


    1. You got a good amount of stuff for less than $15!

    2. Love what you chose, wise shopper!

    3. Great job ! I love shopping for deals

    4. I can not wait to start decorating for Christmas. I hit a lot of clearance sales last year after the holidays so I have a lot of new things to buy. KMart is a favorite for deals on the things I did not get on clearance.

    5. That's so much stuff for just $15!
      Saavy Shopper, look at you!

    6. Thanks everyone! =) I also got 2 juices - $1 each for kids. I was trying to find some cute decor for holiday and couldn't find much. And I used my mom's shop your rewards.

      Oven mits - $1.99 each I think
      Socks - $1.99
      Glitters - $4 something
      Glue - $1 something
      Juices - $1 each

      Hubby got mad because I keep losing oven mits so there ya go lol

    7. Cute idea. Way to get a bunch for less too!

    8. Those socks are cute!


    9. Nice amount of stuff for the price!