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  • HotSlings Carrier - Large

    Hot Slings LLC sponsored this review for me, as well as my Giveaway  for 1 lucky winner for a hot sling carrier! These slings are priced at $64.95 and are very durable!

    My review of the AP Barely Square Strawberry Red & Whipped Cream HotSling:
    I received the Hot Slings AP Barely Square print which is Strawberry Red and Whipped Cream White for my review. I was excited to try one of these as I've never bought a sling of any kind before and noticed a few kids who are my daughter's age and weight fit good in it, and I emailed them about trying the large. She's about 40 lbs or so, so I thought she'd fit fine in it or snug, so I wanted to give it a try because these slings are very stylish and easy to use. I absolutely love this sling by the way, but she's a tad bit too big for it, so I'm gonna either have to keep it for future child or hand it down to a good friend who baby wears, because my daughter didn't like it & did not fit correctly in it. It's perfect for a child between the weight of 8 - 35 lbs, and has adjustable straps that are very easy to access and use. 

    Some good information about these slings are:
    - Wear your sling high and tight. Having it too low could be dangerous.
    - Don't take your hands off of a crying and squirmy baby or child.
    - Common sense but always remove the child from the sling before putting him or her in their carseat.
    - Do not run, jog, or jump on a trampoline (common sense), as it could obviously give the child injury to their neck, back, spine, and possibly brain.
    - Read and follow the instructions that are included with your sling.
    - Do not allow your child's face to become completely covered by the sling. You don't want him or her to become sufficated.
    - HotSlings pouch style was started in 2003.

    Everyone's child may fit differently in this large sling, based on their size, as well as the mother's size. The straps of this sling are adjustable and easy to use for on the go use!

    Material the Hot Slings are made of:
    - High thread count
    - 97% cotton
    - 3% lycra fabric

    My opinions of this HotSling:
    I love this hot sling and would recommend it to anyone who is in need of one, just be sure to check the sizing before making a purchase. This would make an excellent baby shower gift for a family or friend you may know who needs a sling for their baby and/or child. This makes for a great product, just be sure that you use it according to the guidelines of the product. They come in 2 sizes, which are Regular & Large.  The large is pretty big and should fit your child fine between 8 and 35 lbs.

    Here's the sling I received. It's called AP Barely Square, and is priced at $64.95.

    *Disclaimer - I received a Hot Slings, LLC carrier in order to be able to perform my review post, as well as they are sponsoring my giveaway for 1 lucky winner. 


    1. I have never used a sling! We didn't really know a lot about them when my brother was little and since I won't be having kids I probably will never use one! lol!

    2. Haha! It's sad that they have to tell people not to jump on a trampoline while using the sling, but rest assured, someone will.


    3. My kids never took to slings, but I hear this brand is great!

    4. My kids never liked slings. :p
      I tried and tried to get Son in one... :(
      These sound great, though.

    5. Cheap is the New Classy - LOL I agree! It's sad they had to include that and I was laughing when I read it.

      I've not used one either, so I should have a few months ago or when they were babies. I'll keep it for future use or for a friend. =)

    6. Nancy Hilderbrand
      I was going to buy a sling as a baby shower present but I think I will find something else.

    7. Nancy Hiderbrand:
      All children fit slings differently depending on their sizes, so don't let this effect your decision. It should fit a newborn up to 35 lbs just fine