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  • The BlankZ Review!

    I received 2 BlankZ characters because I have 2 kids and didn't want 1 child left out. They LOVE them! The ones I received for my son and daughter are pigs. It's pretty much a stuffed animal, but it's a plush toy. It comes with about 5 BlankZ markers to go with these cute characters.

    The BlankZ characters are white when you receive them and come with 5 markers that are the only ones that can be used on these plush toys. They can get messy and take a bit to wash off of little hands, but other than that it's a pretty cool kit to buy! You can easily wash this after your child colors it how they want, in the washing machine on cold, warm or hot with dark colors. And then all you need to do is place it in the dryer to dry it completely and then re-use it again!

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    These can easily just be kept as is without coloring on them if your child chooses to do so. They can be snuggled in bed and be added as a new stuffed animal! The price of these BlankZ is $14.99 . The Pig BlankZ I received is cute!

    *Disclaimer - I received 2 BlankZ characters free of cost in return for my honest opinions on this review for my blog.


    1. Aww they are so cute. Glad you showed a picture with them being held. I thought they were actually bigger than that.
      The one thing I was concerned about was if the marker would stain other clothing being washed with it.
      Thanks for the review. I entered the giveaway a little bit ago.

    2. The markers stained their hands but i scrubbed it off with washcloth and soap.

      And good luck!