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  • Smoobee no cry hairbrush Review

    I am very excited to be doing this review. It's thanks to ALL of my new fans in the last 2 weeks who made it possible!! I got my Facebook fan page to 1,000 fans! Now, I have a lot more & my # of fans are at 1,150! That is so awesome everyone! This amazing company is called Smoobee & they have a fan base of 1,000 before you can do a review for them, and I hit that and here is the review of the Smoobee hairbrush for my daughter, Alayna! She loves girly colors and we received 1 full size purple Smoobee hairbrush. I'm not sure where you get the gems for it, because mine didn't come with any gems to decorate it with. This brush is specially made for kids as it's very soft on their head / hair. These brushes come in 3 colors to choose from: blue, purple, and pink. They are priced at $17.99 per brush and the gems are $2.99. Right now only, if you buy 2 or more Smoobee brushes, you get free shipping!

    This store is located in Florida, but they have several locations, so here's the list if interested:
    Store locations

    My daughter is 3 1/2 and loves her Smoobee hairbrush. It's much easier on her to have her hair brushed with this brush than with mine because of the bristles, so it's less stressful to get tangles out of her hair =) These are very cute brushes to have for a little girl, and they're very soft with the bristles. The outer part of the brush is made of wood, so don't try putting it in the water.

    Check out Smoobee media sites below!
    Smoobee Fan Page
    Smoobee website

    *Disclaimer - I received this Smoobee hairbrush free of cost in return for a quality review on this blog post. I have a giveaway going on for this product as well, which is sponsored by Smoobee.

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