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  • Ladder facebook pages to help boost your fan numbers

    A lot of the people who "Like" your page only do so to get a new like back, so it can be frusterating if it's only businesses doing so, but sometimes you'll get moms who like the page and then follow your blog which is what you want!

    Here's some pages to like to be active in their ladder posts:
    Networking Ladders
    Super Mums Community
    Fan Page Promote

    Hope this helps some. I will list my fan page for this blog below, so if you have a fan page for your blog please leave a link to it in a comment so I can return the favor!
    General Reviews Blog


    1. Thanks you for this! It is so true about people liking just to get likes back!

    2. You're welcome! And yes I know it's frusterating when you put time into a blog and fan page to only get a ton of business only people to like page to always want a like back, etc.

      I usually end up commenting other mom pages on my blog page user and that gets some new fans at times

    3. thanks for sharing this, I'll check it out!