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  • Go Go Natural One Size Cloth Diaper

    I hosted a giveaway for a Go Go Natural  on their Dinkle Dooz one size cloth diaper which they sponsored. Winner's Dinkle Dooz diaper was received.

    The Dinkle Dooz I received
    to do for my blog review.
     First off, it's very soft and that's nice especially if your child has issues with tightness on their legs from certain cloth diapers, be sure to buy the One size to ensure it will fit and stretch on your child as he or she grows. The small price of this diaper is only $14.95 on their website. This diaper absorbs quite a bit of pee in it overnight. My daughter is potty trained but sometimes has over night accidents, so I used this for her at night for this review and it held quite a bit in there. She loved the softness of the material it's made of and the color is neutral for a boy or girl. I will be using this and cloth diapers in general on future children I have in a couple years.

    What different colors does the Dinkle Dooz cloth diaper come in?
    - Chocolate (the one I reviewed)
    - Green
    - Orange
    - Pink
    - Red

    What Go Go Natural company has available to buy:
     - Flip covers
    - One size cloth diapers
    - AIO cloth diapers
    - Pocket cloth diapers
    - Fitted cloth diapers
    - Hybrid cloth diapers
    - Pre-fold flat cloth diapers
    - Cloth diaper covers
    - Cloth diaper packages
    - Training pants
    - Swim diapers

    Diaper accessories:
    - Cloth baby wipes
    - Inserts and doublers
    - Wool care products
    - Essential oils
    - Diaper fasteners
    - Wet bags & pail liners
    - Diaper sprayers

    Stuff for moms they sell:
    - Hygenia breast pump
    - Undercover mama
    - Pretty pushers
    - Nursing covers
    - Breastfeeding accessories

    Love to baby wear? Want other baby gear? Here's some products you may love:
    - Baby carriers and slings
    - Designer bibs
    - Baby Layette
    - Baltic Amber Teething
    - Headbands & hairbows
    - Diaper creams & ointments
    - Swaddling blankets
    - Baby Legs
    - Tutus
    - NoseFrida
    - Sun & swimwear
    - Unique baby products
    - Natursutten pacifiers

    At home products they sell on Go Go Natural's website:
    - Baby bedding & bath
    - Natural cleaning & laundry

    Connect with Go Go Natural on their social media websites:
    Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/GoGoNatural
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/gogonatural

      I love the color and design this one has. It's color is chocolate. It's the snap closure type of cloth diaper and has an easy opening for pocket insertion. It also has a really soft fleece inner layer. The outside layer is satin smooth and is waterproof. I used the large insert and it holds decent amount of moisture in th heat! You won't be able to use fabric softeners or chlorine bleach on this cloth diaper! The inner and outer is 100% Poandhe inserts are 90% Polyester and 10% Ny

    They included:
    1 one size cloth diaper - Dinkle Dooz
    1 small microfiber insert
    1 large microfiber insert

    *Disclaimer - I received this One size cloth diaper with inserts free of cost from Go Go Natural in return for my review on this blog post.


    1. I love cloth diapering because it is great for the environment and your pocket! Plus with two boys who have sensitive skin and eczema there is no searching for a disposable that will not irritate their skin.
      I hope this is where my blog post comments are supposed to go for the RC.

    2. How well does it work? How is the absonbancy overnight? Naptime? What are the other color or pattern choices? Does the company offer wetbags, wipes, anything other than diapers? This review is really lacking in information that a potential buyier would want about the product and company.

    3. How do you enter the giveaway?