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  • Bumble Bottoms N' More Cloth Diaper

    I received a cute light pink and purple one size pocket diaper from Bumble Bottoms N' More for review, with an insert. It's really soft and fits my daughter well. It holds a good amount of moisture in it and doesn't leak. Of course you're going to want more than one insert if you'll be using it multiple times in a short period of time, but just toss it in the wash and use another cloth diaper until it's cleaned and dry to use.

    This is a one size pocket diaper and as you can see, it's one of the nicer ones that snaps on the size to fit a baby up to 40 lbs or so. This one is very well made and is stylish as you can see in the design and very girly.

    She has a lot of different styles of diapers on her website, so go take a look when you get the time, as well as become a fan of her Facebook page . With this company, you can still cloth diaper you little one even if you're on a budget which is nice.

    Here's the back side of the cloth diaper and it fits snug around her bottom and isn't tight.I have a friend who uses a variety of different diapers and may even try Bumble Bottoms N' More as her next cloth diaper purchase! She loved the design of the one I got. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone who cloth diapers and wants nice custom made pocket diapers.

    Their website will be adding new products soon such as:
    Mei tai
    Amber Jewelry

    Here's the One size pocket diaper laid out from the inside to get a better view of the material. It's very soft to the touch and isn't itchy at all.

    *I received this one size pocket cloth diaper and 1 insert at no cost, in return for my honest review on this blog post.


    1. That cloth diaper looks really nice! If I ever have another child, I feel like I will most definitely cloth diaper. :)


    2. These look great! Too bad I am not allowed to have more babies! Darn hubby!

    3. My kids are too big now, but I think there are some really cool cloth diaper options for babies now.

    4. those look pretty cute! We've moved on to cloth training pants!

    5. I love pink diapers on babies :) Too cute.

    6. I know several families that use cloth diapers and love them. My kids are too old for diapers. I will pass this on to the other families.