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  • Bree's Birthday Bash Giveaway Event - FREE Blogger event!

    Want to help put the word out about Bree's Birthday Bash Giveaway event? You can! Just simply click on the link below to fill out your information to apply to be able to help with the event as a blogger.

    Entry for free blogger OPP here!

    This is a FREE blogger giveaway event sponsored by One House Schoolroom. 
    You will receive one FREE link on the rafflecopter for participation (must be Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest).

    Prize Package value: TBD (We are working on an amazing prize package!!)
    The event dates- The Birthday Bash begins July 30th but the giveaway portion of the event will begin August 15th.
    Giveaway is open to US residents.

    Requirements to join:
    * Family Friendly Blog/Website with at least 50% US readership
    * Announcement post OR $3 paypal gift to cjeawalden@aol.com
    * Agree to post the html giveaway event on the date the event begins

    Additional Links {$2 each- maximum of 3 extra links}
    * Links may be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, RSS, or email subscribe

    Page Host {$5 each}
    * A small number of host pages are for sale- once they have been purchased the option will be removed from this form.

    Payment options:
    * Paypal (gift) to cjeawalden@aol.com
    (Please note that payment is for Bree's Birthday Bash Giveaway Event)

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