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  • Swircles Nursing Pads Review

    As you know, I have 2 children who are past baby age so no I don't nurse but I do have occassional leaks sometimes when it's close to that time of month, so these cloth pads come in handy, as well as whenever we have another baby in future. I don't leak a lot when I do, but it's helped with what I need them for. They seem like they'd be able to hold a decent amount of milk or leaking, so if you need some nursing pads, head over to Swircles Facebook Page and look around! These are very soft to the touch, so no need to worry about post birth sore boobs, they should not affect the soreness.

    I received 1 set of 2 100% cotton nursing pads in black/white zebra print:

    I also received 1 set of 2 100% cotton PUL nursing pads in the owls with round eyes print:

    These are both very comfortable to wear inside your bras and have a stylish print to it and are very well made! To get a set for yourself, go visit their Swircles Facebook Page and Like them! Also, click on the link I'm about to post to enter my giveaway they're sponsoring - Enter my Swircles giveaway here!! And of course to be able to enter the giveaway, I need you to follow my blog which you can find on the right hand side of my blog, so that when July 9 gets here and the winner is chosen, I can message the winner for their shipping information so I can promptly email the information to Swircles. I love these stylish nursing pads and will be using them for nursing reasons in a couple years when we have another addition to the family. She has a lot of cute stuff she makes on her facebook page, so please be sure to check them out there!

    She was nice and also included a packet about Swircles as well as some information about their featured products they sell, as well as wholesale accounts when available! How awesome is that?And best yet, I'll be reviewing for them in the future when they come out with new products, so be on the lookout for any announcements here on my blog!

    *Disclaimer - I received these 2 sets of nursing pads free of cost in return for my honest review on my blog.
    It had no difference on my opinions of the reviewed products.

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