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  • Carseat sleeper made by Kaleidoscope Baby Review!

    First off, go and Like Kaleidoscope Baby facebook page! They have some cool kid and baby stuff they make on their page, so go check them out!

    Here's my 3 1/2 year old daughter using her new carseat strap sleeper made by Kaleidoscope Baby! She loves the cute frog designs, as do I and they are soft and have snaps to place on the straps and to remove. They are very soft and as you can tell, they have good taste in design because the one we got is CUTE!

    Here's my daughter using the carseat strap sleeper when she fell asleep after the zoo trip earlier. They keep her comfortable more so than the carseat strap, as these are padded and seem to be very comfortable. She said she likes them and frogs are cute, so I know she will be getting a lot of use out of them until she is in a booster seat when she turns 4 years old in October. These are a great idea!!

    Material the strap sleepers are made of:
    Flannel and backed with fleece.

    Cleaning for these strap sleepers is easy:
    Clean these in the wash as you wash your children's clothes.

    *Disclaimer - I received this set of carseat sleepers free of cost in return for my honest review.


    1. Awesome! I never had a product from them before the review one, I love it.