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  • Organize World Folding Hamper

    Organize World Folding Hamper

    This hamper is pretty awesome and is fairly easy to put together and use. I go through a lot of laundry having two children, myself and my husband so the more laundry hampers the better! This folding hamper is priced at $17.42 and is well worth the price; it's pretty sturdy and holds a good amount of clothes. It's dark brown in color. It has a moisture resistant liner in it and can hold up to 2 loads of laundry.

    It would be perfect for a dorm room in college or just around the house in a bathroom or bedroom for dirty clothes to go in. I am using it for my kids laundry in their small bathroom, since their clothes seem to stack up quicker than mine does.

    The size of the hamper is as follows:
    26" height.
    14" width
    14" diameter

    *Disclaimer - I received this Folding hamper free of charge in return for my honest review of the product. It made no difference with my opinion of the product.


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