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  • Apple Cheeks Envelope Diaper Cover - size 2 (Cloth Diapers Inc)

    Apple Cheeks Envelope Diaper Cover

    The link above will take you to the cloth diaper cover that I received from Cloth Diapers Inc  and it'll show you the different designs and colors you can choose from as well. I got the Rasberry Sorbet color. The price of this cute diaper cover is $19.00.

    As you can see here, the way to open and close the diaper cover is by snapping and unsnapping it.  The whole diaper cover is very soft in the feel and is made of super soft micro-fleece lining. The outside that's pink is the waterproof shell. The cloth diaper cover has very stretchy elastic that will help even the biggest of blowouts that your little one may have.

    This is the inside of the cloth diaper cover and is very soft and will be very comfortable for your little one to wear. It fits babies from 18 lbs - 40 lbs.

    This is the Organic Hemp Jersey Insert in the size Medium. The price of this particular liner is $2.00, so stock up!

    What you'll need to do before using this liner:
    -Wash 3 times with detergent & dry on hot
    - Maximum absorbency reached after 8 - 10 washes

    The care of this liner:
    - Wash with diapers on warm or hot
    - Dry in the dryer well

    You maybe asking what it's fabric contents are made of and here's the answer:
    55% hemp
    45% cotton jersey

    *Disclaimer - I received this cloth diaper cover and liner free of charge in return for my honest review for this post. It didn't change my opinion in anyway.

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