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  • Kissaluvs Marvels ONE Size fitted cloth diaper

    Calling all cloth diapering moms! Start ordering from For the Monster website  for all your cloth diapering needs. I'm here to do a great product review and can't wait to show you what I got. For the Monster website is a great place to shop for all types of baby needs and as a mom too! They have cloth diapers, snappies, baby wearing items, wipes, bags, breast pumps, etc. 

    What did I receive to review from this great company?
    What I received was a Kissaluvs Marvels ONE size fitted cloth diaper, and the designs on it are cute! It has an alligator, giraffe, turtle, flamingo, rhino, hippo, tiger and trees. It's very colorful and is really soft on the inside of the diaper. To order this exact diaper, please visit this link: Kissaluvs Marvels ONE size fitted cloth diaper

    Information you want to know:

    - It's made in the USA
    - The outer layer of the cloth diaper is made of 100% cotton
    - The inner layer of the cloth diaper is made of 82% bamboo
    - 18% Polyester 

    Cleaning instructions:
    - Machine wash with like colors - No chlorine bleach or fabric softeners

    My opinion of this cloth diaper?
    I love it! I've never used a cloth diaper before because I never knew much about them until recently, but used it on my daughter and was very impressed with it! It's very soft which is always good on little bottoms, and easily washed. It's very well made and I would definately buy more of these with future kids I have; there's no question about that!

    - The size of ONE size means it'll fit most babies 10 lbs - 40 lbs. It has elastic around the leg and waist part of the diaper for leak proof fit for the child. It's made of latex free elastic.
    - The snapping design of the diaper is made for each age of the child depending on the weight. The smaller weight of the child, the further in the diaper you will need to snap it. The bigger weight of the child, the further out you will need to snap it closed.
    - It has three body layers in this cloth diaper and also a micro fiber soaker that provides absorbency for light wetters or even heavier wetters. If you want full leak proof protection, you'll need to buy a diaper cover.

    Here's a close up of the snap of the cloth diaper I received. It's very easy to figure out.
    As you can see on the tag, this is a one size cloth diaper.

    Fleece lining and envelope of the cloth diaper inside.

    *Disclaimer - I received this cloth diaper free of charge in return for my honest review for this blog post. It in no way had any effect on the way I reviewed this item


    1. I loved cloth diapering my twins. After going through three different methods we finally ended up with one size cloth fitteds. They are the best!

    2. These look so nice! Wish I had used these when the kids were small.

    3. Now these are really cute! Love the bright color!

    4. This fabric is adorable! The diapers sound amazing.

    5. I love that design. Cloth diapers are so much fun.