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  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites & new Cupcake Bites (Taste of Nature Inc)

    The Cookie Dough Bites website  is where you'll find these candies, as well as at movie theatres and stores; I know I've gotten them there as well.

    These are what I received 2
    packages of. 
    These cookie dough bites are great! I love the taste and they're very realistic in tasting like actual cookie dough. These are a must buy for anyone, kids or adults alike. They are well worth every penny wherever you choose to buy them. The packages I received are 3.8 oz in size and I'm enjoying them!

    I received 1 package of these.
    I received the cupcake bites as well with the package of the 3 from www.candyasap.com and these are very realistic in the taste and are really sweet and I love them! These are also great for kids and adults as well for snack time and are easy to take along anywhere you go.

    *Disclaimer - I received these packages free of charge in return for this blog review. It had no difference in my opinions of these products.


    1. My kids LOVE the Cupcake Bites.. I am more of a fan of the cookie dough ones tho :)

    2. Mine too. I love the cookie dough bites I get at the movie theatre =)