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  • REBOOTizer

    REBOOTizer is a dietary supplement designed to combat Oxidative Stress and to help the body to detox naturally. There's a blend of 7 antioxidant packed extracts. This product is only made of natural ingredients that are the following:

    - dandelion root extract
    - licorice root extract
    - Angelica root extract
    - artichoke root extract
    - lemon balm leaf extract
    - lemon extract
    - Acerola extract

    REBOOTizer is recommended daily (6 consecutive days per month on a minimum) to
    revive and reset metabolism, before or after exercise, after overindulgence or simply
    when one feels the effects of stress and fatigue.

    This REBOOTizer product is available online for purchase at their website ..

    *Disclaimer - I received the above product free of cost, in order to do this blog review.

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